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Star Dry Cleaning has a well-earned reputation for being the best dry cleaners in Kiev - a kind of reputation that doesn’t happen overnight. At Star Dry Cleaning, all of our magic is worked on-site. This means that when you drop off your garments for cleaning, you have immediate access to the knowledge and technical expertise of our highly experienced team. We offer our customers peace of mind ensuring their garments are in capable, effective hands. Our personal approach is one of the reasons our customers keep coming back, and our operation does not hide behind closed doors, meaning you can pop in and see for yourself anytime!


Star has collaborative relationships with Ukraine’s top fashion designers and fashion retailers. They recommend Star to their customers because of our impeccable cleaning and tailoring. Our fashion industry endorsements have stood beside us, showing confidence in the knowledge our team has to provide the best possible results and quality every time.


We are mindful of the impact dry-cleaning can have on the environment, so we strive to go the extra mile to keep Star Dry Cleaning environmentally friendly! As well as being kind to the environment, this approach is also garment-friendly, meaning we use a gentler cleaning fluid than most dry-cleaners in Ukraine. Although it costs us more, it means your clothes receive individual attention, leaving them looking better and lasting longer than ever.


Star uses modern world-class technology, ensuring that the quality of our machines’ results is top-notch. We stay up-to-date and train our team regularly to maintain a high standard of service, quality and convenience. Star is at the forefront of developments in technology, cleaning methods and systems to provide our customers with the most attentive customer service possible!